2 Things Dave Asprey Recommends (That you need to get)

Most people have never heard of Dave Asprey despite his popularity in certain “biohacking” circles. The Bulletproof Exec as he is known, is a man who has went through a personal transformation that has allowed him to better understand himself and make many different changes to the personal brain chemistry in order to have success in his business and personal endeavors. He has a couple of recommendations, which we will outline in the following article.

An important thing to note is that Dave Asprey has been the subject of some inquiry and skepticism from many people in certain communities. This is okay because he is thinking outside the box as any good biohacker should! Here are the list of 2 major items that you need to get or at least try for yourself.

  1. Bulletproof Coffee – If you have never tried to add coffee with butter and MCT oil, this is something that you need to get on as soon as you can! This is a nootropic combination that isn’t even considered a nootropic. Simply use the coffee (caffeine) and the butter / fat sources to help to increase absorption and efficacy. When you do this, you are going to have a much better experience with the drug that will keep you focused and alert.
  2. Modafinil – Another great method that Dave Asprey looks at is called modafinil. It is also referred to as provigil in some instances. What makes this such a powerful drug is that it is meant to be used for narcolepsy patients and interacts with the brain in similar ways as amphetamines without going as far. This means you can increase dopamine and adrenaline in order to get more done, but you are not going to compromise other elements of your health like you would with Adderall (for example).

There are plenty of other things that Dave Asprey recommends and it is a good idea to keep abreast of his information as often as you can. You will find that many of the things he states and says are gaining traction and have a lot of credibility. He has a lot of research that he sifts through and does some of the greatest work that you could expect.

Bodybuilders and Fasting or Fat Loss

Bodybuilders are routinely stereotyped as weirdos who are willing to do just about anything to burn fat and have a more attractive looking physique. Really, they are not weird, but they are dedicated to a certain mission and that has a lot to do with how they look. If you are trying to improve your own physique it is a good idea for you to look through the lens of a bodybuilder to see what they do and take a less intense approach. Usually, they have good science to back up their practices.

bodybuilderWith bodybuilding, one of the new practices people use is fasting. Often coined intermittent fasting because there are feasting and fasting windows, this usually has people eat for 8 hours out of the day and fast for the other 16. This is a famous ritual that was made popular by bodybuilders and is now getting more credibility in other elements of society.

The reason it is gaining credibility is because studies show it burns fat better than eating consistently and there is little to no loss in muscle mass. More importantly, it is showing a host of other benefits, such as enhanced cognitive abilities and anti-cancer properties. The majority of people who are fasting find that it is not hard to do after a couple of weeks. During this period, your body is adapting to the new environment without food!

Just try to do fasting for a few weeks and see how you like it. There is no need to do fasts like bodybuilders where you go to extremes and use supplements to reduce your muscle loss, but you can get a lot of the anti-cancer benefits and fat loss benefits by just following a similar regime by not eating 16 hours of the day and then only eating during 8 hours.