Is Kombucha Really That Healthy?

There are a lot of different thoughts about the new fermented product called kombucha, but few people have been able to accurately depict the pros and cons. There are many in Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington who think that the product is one of the best that has ever been produced, but indeed this is a bit of a stretch. In these progressive health towns, certain products take off whether they are actually healthy or not.

KombuchaIn many cases, kombucha is actually a healthful drink. It has fermented aspects that make it a great probiotic for the body. It also comes with a variety of different minerals, but they are usually not in a high quantity. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to make an upset stomach feel better, but this is not something that is new as far as carbonated drinks go.

The real problem with kombucha is the sugar. Usually the drinks have about as much sugar as the sodas that you consume, but often they are not supposed to report that based on the ingredients required to make the drink. While the sugar is not in high quantity when it is first made, kombucha often creates its own sugars that make it a sweet treat!

Still, kombucha is not unhealthy simply because it has a lot of sugar. There are plenty of foods with a lot of sugar. Instead, it is important to realize that kombucha should be consumed in moderation just like any other drink. If you are expecting to have a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you keep a close eye on these so-called “health” products. Sometimes they are great, but only in moderation as is the case with kombucha. If you can prevent yourself from drinking too much, it is a great way to get a refreshing twist!